Dec 222009
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Hey TLOTL readers: I just posted a discussion question on that needs your expert opinion. Bring your A game – A stands for Answer or Advice – and see what leading B2B marketers have to say.

Here’s the question and background (the link to the question on Focus is below):

Question: What are the main barriers to a successful deployment of a marketing automation solution?

Background: By most accounts, 2009 has been a breakout year for the marketing automation space. And while the category itself is not new, we now have a robust and growing ecosystem of vendor solutions, resellers, agencies, consultants, integrators, and marketers with deployment experience. However, as we discovered over the 10-year evolution of the Hosted CRM market, there are always hard knocks and lessons learned on the way to excellence. So as we head into 2010, let’s hear from those who’ve been there and done marketing automation: what are the key issues for marketers to prepare for (and overcome) when implementing a solution?

Note to readers: I recommend you answer this question on Focus. (While I’d be honored to see your reply posted in my blog comments, there’s frankly a much bigger audience and more robust conversation over on Focus.) Oh, and full disclosure for our friends at the Federal Trade Commission: I do some work with Tippit, the owner of, as Head of their Tippit Consulting group. But promoting/endorsing the web property is not part of the scope of my relationship with Tippit.