Apr 142010
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In this post, I’ve decided to share my all-time top keywords for traffic that comes to this blog via keyword searches. I’m not including hard numbers (to perpetuate the fanciful notion that I have a massive readership), but the terms are ranked by number of visits.


1) My personal brand “lord of the leads” tops the list. This is not ideal, in my opinion (though I’d love to hear from anyone who disagrees). It’s not ideal because those people probably already know me or at least know of me. It’s nice to have a modicum of brand recognition, but it would be even better to have people finding me because their searches map to the actual content of my blog.

2) Many of the other search strings on the list are quite specific and (thank you Google algorithm) are highly relevant to my subject matter. These “long-tail” strings seem to indicate that my content is attracting a well-targeted audience, at least through keyword search. If that audience includes you, I hope you find the content helpful, and I welcome your feedback!

Here’s the list:

lord of the leads
rotting leads
three metrics that are more useful than
lead nurturing effect
b.a.n.t. sales effectiveness
what is the three metrics
pipeline generation
sausage production line for sale
acronym tlotls
“metalworking marketing”
right in the middle of a contradiction
lead score
cost per lead+convertion rate+sales+rela
cjablonski @tippit.com
sales efficiency metrics
tom scearce lord of the leads
kathleen malaspina
three metrics example
medical device resource
cost per lead and other metrics
marketing cost per person metric
the best place to be is in the middle of
lead score range
e-book conversion companies in usa
contribution to pipeline by marketing
sales effectiveness solutions blog comme
how to analyze the leads into a funnel
sam shepard in the middle of a contradic
cold leads vs warm leads – measuring the
demand generation offer creative target
causes of not lead management metrics
lead scoring ebook
sales dollar per lead
leads prospect efficiency
metrics examples factory
promotion from the lord
axis bank lead generation activity
lead scoring and revenue
2010 year of the lord
bank acquisition funnel metrics
pipeline contribution for lead generatio
scored nurtured leads
“kathleen malaspina”
sales efficiency
examples of lead generation metrics repo