Falconry Group Seattle B2B Marketing

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Information on our Seattle B2B Marketing team, our approach, the clients we help, and the nice things they’ve said.

TFG has worked with a range of companies serving diverse markets.

Broadband & Wireless Communications

Speakeasy, now part of Megapath

Media & Advertising

Now Ziff-Davis B2B Focus


Visto, now Good Technology

Medical Devices & Health Services

Management Consulting

Real Estate Management

Like marketing when it’s done well, falconry is beautiful to observe.

Falconry Group Marketing Seattle

(c) JC Dill - licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Like sales when it’s done well, falconry is a smarter way to hunt.

Like business when it’s done well, falconry is about collaboration and great results.

Training a bird of prey — or allowing oneself to be trained by one — is experiential. Falconry can be taught, and learned, through experience. This requires a certain amount of time, patience, commitment, and trust.

The trust between a bird of prey and its falconer builds at its own pace. A seasoned salesperson knows that valuable business relationships develop this way, too.

Advanced tools can make marketing and sales programs easier to execute, analyze, and improve. We rely on them to do our work! But we never forget that marketing and sales, like falconry, means building high-value relationships.

We help companies do this, predictably and profitably.

Tom Scearce is Principal of The Falconry Group, LLC, a Seattle B2B marketing and sales consultancy launched in 2008. Previously, Tom was Vice-President of Market Development at Speakeasy (now Megapath), a leading provider of small business VoIP and data services. After joining the company in 2003, Tom helped Speakeasy transition from a consumer-focused ISP into a nationally-recognized small business communications leader. Tom and his team implemented an inbound marketing system that helped grow sales from $50 million in 2003 to $100 million in 2008. Additionally, Tom played a role in several key transactions and partnerships. These included Best Buy’s 2006 acquisition of the company, a co-marketing agreement with VA Software (Slashdot.org), and a wireless network divestiture to TowerStream, the largest such transaction in the company’s history. Prior to this, Tom worked for Visto Corporation (now Good Technology), negotiating private-label software distribution agreements with leading wireless carriers in North America and Asia. Tom previously held multiple positions in sales, consulting, and product management with Concur and Semaphore Corporation. Tom holds a Masters in Business Administration and two B.A. degrees from the University of Washington. In his spare time Tom enjoys yoga, running, snowshoeing, and driving his Eurovan along the Northwest coast for outings with Seattle-based Surfers, a meetup.com group he started in 2013.

We collaborate with people who have experience and/or certifications in the following categories:

Marketing Automation  – e.g., Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Net-Results

CRM  – e.g., Salesforce.com, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics

SEO/SEM  – e.g., Moz PRO tools, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Microsoft AdCenter

Social Media Monitoring  – e.g., HootSuite Pro, Radian6, Sysomos

We also maintain a network of graphic designers, HTML/CSS coders, copywriters, and audio/video production experts.

Send your resume or LinkedIn profile URL to info@falconrygroup.com.

As our business expands, we’re looking for proven, scalable strategies for growing revenue. On a colleague’s recommendation, we hired Tom to educate our leadership team on current marketing and sales best practices. We liked how Tom managed our time, and we learned a lot. Instead of speaking in abstract marketing buzzwords, he engaged us in plain business English. Rather than pitching solutions to problems we don’t have, he shared real-world case studies and then answered our questions. This helped us apply the concepts to the business we’re now building. Hiring Tom was a good investment. I’m pleased to recommend him.

President, Corporate Real Estate Management Firm

Tom's sales background, combined with his creativity, intellect, and entrepreneurial drive make him a highly effective marketing leader. Tom has a keen understanding of sales and marketing metrics. He is analytical and results-focused, but places a high value on relationships. It was clear that individuals at all levels of the organization enjoyed working with and for Tom. From a partner perspective, he was demanding but always open and fair. It comes as no surprise that he has chosen to pursue the opportunity to build a small business, and with Tom’s integrity, work ethic, and relentless passion for customer value I’m confident it will be a huge success!

Referral Partner

Tom has been a great manager and mentor. Not only did he provide the guidance needed to fulfill my responsibilities, he also provided great opportunities for me to demonstrate my skills and abilities and expand my role.

Junior Marketer

Tom is a fun guy to work with and a great guy to know. He provided thought leadership, structure, and results in every assignment he took.

VP Marketing, Software Firm

Tom has consistently demonstrated strong analytical skills in solving market development problems and highlighting customer insights, and he developed clear strategies to resolve these challenges. Tom is a great asset for any organization seeking to better understand its marketing and sales options and keep an eye on its customer acquisition costs.

VP Product, Telecom Firm

Tom lives up to his name as 'The Lord of the Leads'. I collaborated with Tom on a project for one of my medical device clients that involved developing several different demand generation ideas and programs in a very short amount of time. He is extremely knowledgeable, listens to client feedback and hits the mark delivering quality content. I would certainly work with Tom again.

President, Healthcare Consulting Firm

What a pleasure it was to work with Tom. I was consistently impressed with Tom's ability to articulate a clear connection between marketing program expenditures and both expected and actual returns. He was completely willing and able to hold himself and his team accountable for results over time, constantly adjusting tactics, identifying trends and leading indicators, confident in what he knew and also clear as to what was not yet knowable. As a plus, I found Tom to be personable and approachable. It was great to have him on the team and I would appreciate the opportunity to work with him again in another setting.

CFO, Telecom Firm

Tom is a consummate professional. Solid, articulate, professional, polite, appropriately pushes back when necessary. Tom gets along with everyone. He builds relationships and keeps the balance on the professional side, certainly with clients. I have a bird’s eye view of what he’s up to. He has strong relationships with everyone he interacts with. The one thing that you get with Tom that you can’t get anywhere else: you get to the meat of the matter. He’s very good at finding a different perspective. Five words to describe Tom: Consummate professional, smart, insightful, easy to work with and valuable.

VP of Sales, Business Media Firm



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