Nov 172009
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TLOTL (that’s me) is honored to be chosen as a contributor to the upcoming ClickPredictions 2010 eBook from ClickDocuments, to be published in December 2009. I’m truly privileged to share valuable digital real estate with such notable marketers as  Ian Lurie, Jon Miller, Steve Woods, Doug Kessler, and others.  We’ll be sharing our predictions for what the coming year in marketing will bring.

How confident can you be in my predictions? Well, I wouldn’t advise adjusting your investment portfolio on my account, but there is one forecast I make related to tax filing dates in which you can be 99.999% confident.

My co-clairvoyants, by contrast, are 100% guaranteed to enlarge and enlighten your perspective on 2010 marketing trends. Keep an eye out for the eBook next month.

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