Jun 302011
A marketing automation infographic and a random Coca-Cola reference

My friends over at Focus asked me if I wouldn’t mind sharing an infographic they recently published on marketing automation. The infographic has some interesting metrics and data points from leading research and analyst firms covering the MA and CRM space. For anyone wanting a quick intro or an updated “lay of the land” in […]

Apr 162011
The 3 Keys to Marketing Happiness

Here’s the deal: marketing is hard. If you think marketing is easy, you’re probably not a marketer. Or a human. Yes, you’re probably some kind of replicant who (that?) has been lucky enough to have the Google algorithm programmed into memory. Or you are, in fact, the Google algorithm, crawling this page right now. [In which […]

Apr 092011
Smart social media – 5 ways KLM gets it right

A friend in Amsterdam shared this video on Facebook today, and I was inspired to spin it here on the TLOTL blog. It struck me as a potential “beginning of the end” in the tedious debate of the question: is social media dead? I refuse to waste pixels issuing birth or death notices for social media (or […]

Jan 042011
2011 - Bring it on.

Happy New Year TLOTL readers. Even though this is the week when most of us are heading back to work, I’m kicking off 2011 with a post that is perhaps 80% frivolous, 20% serious. After a holiday break that included a healthy amount of feasting, family time, and general decompression, I decided to finally join […]

Dec 042010

As I wrote in a previous post, not every company is ready or willing to do the heavy lifting that may be required to sustainably improve their inbound sales process. For some companies, it’s genuinely a case of “not ready.” For others, it’s really a case of “not willing” masquerading as “not ready.” I completely understand “not ready.” As […]

Nov 222010
Marketing Fowl: The Turducken Problem

“A man’s got to know his limitations.” The famous Clint Eastwood line from “Dirty Harry” sums it up. I’m  a capable businessman and marketer, but don’t let me anywhere near the creative team when they’re trying to name a product. Oh I can define the product, describe the market for it, detail the buying process […]

Oct 202010
A picture spares us from a thousand words

I’m pleased to share with TLOTL readers the Focus Experts’ Guide: Sales and Marketing Pipeline and Funnel Models. This collection of 14 one-page funnel visualizations was created by sales and marketing leaders who are active on the Focus network. If you spend any time following thought leaders in this space, you’ll recognize most if not […]

Oct 112010
Are you a rainmaker or a meteorologist?

A CFO with whom I once worked shared with me the qualities he believed essential in a VP of Sales. As he worked up the list from bottom to top, I was certain that some variation of “consistently achieving revenue and gross margin quota” was going to occupy the #1 slot. But instead, he treated me to […]

Aug 092010

[Post #2 in the “Other Voices” series, featuring Executive Conversation.] As the title of my blog implies, I approach revenue generation through the framework of “the leads.” I believe that repeatable sales success happens when companies commit to optimizing the entire experience of potential buyers, from the initial awareness to the buying decision.  How many […]