Feb 212013
For those about to curate, I salute you

In fact, I’ll even help you. Curating other peoples’ content is one of the best ways to build your own social media brand. Content curation, if done well, communicates several attractive qualities about you: a) You know who the cool kids are. b) You’re not afraid to put your opinions on display. c) You’re magnanimous […]

Jun 062012
Social media and the authentic business

In a letter to potential shareholders included in Facebook’s pre-IPO S-1 filing, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote this: We hope to improve how people connect to businesses and the economy. We think a more open and connected world will help create a stronger economy with more authentic businesses that build better products and services.” On reading this, […]

Mar 302012
A lead nurturing preso we posted to Slideshare

This is a presentation on lead nurturing we created for a webinar a while back. We think it’s kinda neato. Sorta spiffy. Swell, even. The deck includes some easy-to-follow examples from work we’ve done with clients. Lead Nurturing That Works – 7 New Ideas for Increasing Lead Scores, Conversion, and Pipeline

Mar 212012
No, really, I can quit automation any time

The team down at Austin-based Marketing Automation Software guide asked for my commentary on one of their blog posts. I’ve been meaning to write about this topic anyway. So I’m happy to oblige. Before I start, bear with me on a couple of points: 1) I’m going to make one or two contextual jumps from […]

Mar 072012
Social Media - Don't be THAT guy

A few years ago I moderated a webinar for a San Francisco B2B media company called Tippit, now Ziff-Davis B2B Focus. The presenter was Tippit’s CEO Scott Albro. Scott said something on that webinar I’ve repeated (always with attribution!) many times since. “In social media, the people are the media.” To the casual observer, social […]

Jan 142012
5 reasons Good beats Perfect (almost) every time

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” This wonderfully compact nugget of wisdom – commonly attributed to Voltaire, the French Enlightenment figure – is a fixture in the vernacular of modern business. My undergraduate French degree doesn’t qualify me to challenge Voltaire’s intellect. But hey, Voltaire hasn’t done a lick of work in over […]

Apr 162011
The 3 Keys to Marketing Happiness

Here’s the deal: marketing is hard. If you think marketing is easy, you’re probably not a marketer. Or a human. Yes, you’re probably some kind of replicant who (that?) has been lucky enough to have the Google algorithm programmed into memory. Or you are, in fact, the Google algorithm, crawling this page right now. [In which […]

Apr 092011
Smart social media – 5 ways KLM gets it right

A friend in Amsterdam shared this video on Facebook today, and I was inspired to spin it here on the TLOTL blog. It struck me as a potential “beginning of the end” in the tedious debate of the question: is social media dead? I refuse to waste pixels issuing birth or death notices for social media (or […]

Oct 112010
Are you a rainmaker or a meteorologist?

A CFO with whom I once worked shared with me the qualities he believed essential in a VP of Sales. As he worked up the list from bottom to top, I was certain that some variation of “consistently achieving revenue and gross margin quota” was going to occupy the #1 slot. But instead, he treated me to […]

Oct 182011

Like Robert Scoble — and several other people I follow — I feel the gravitational pull of G+ as a publishing and engagement platform. I spent some time today writing a commentary on a NY Times Deal Book story from yesterday on Groupon. What I wrote would be called a blog post, if I had published […]

Aug 172011
Why Leads Matter - Part 2 of 2

Part one of this series described the importance of minimizing friction and maximizing trust as you attract and manage leads. Part two describes how these low-friction, high-trust* leads help you feed your beast. * These adjectives are TLOTL equivalents of free-range, grass-fed, gluten-free, and no high fructose corn syrup. Why Leads Matter, Reason #2: Leads […]

Aug 102011
Why Leads Matter - Part 1 of 2

I think leads are important. [I know. Shocking.] In fact I think the topic of leads is important enough to warrant at least 10-15 uninterrupted minutes of a CEO’s time each week. As the owner of two small businesses, I know that’s expensive time. Leads are worth it. In each of my next three posts, […]