B2B Marketing Strategy and Services

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Falconry Group provides B2B marketing strategy consulting and agency services. When appropriate, we sub-contract or directly refer trusted partners with complimentary expertise.


Scope & Deliverables

Cost of Acquisition Assessment

  • Interview marketing, sales, finance, & operations staff
  • Review marketing portfolio (offers, media, agencies, software)
  • Analyze marketing, sales, operations, and finance data
  • Present findings & recommendations

Lead Management Assessment

  • Interview marketing, sales, finance, & operations staff
  • Review:
    1. Lead management process (workflow, metrics, dashboards)
    2. Pipeline management process
    3. Forecasting process (workflow, dashboards, meeting format)
    4. Buying experience (buyer interviews)
    5. Marketing automation tools
  • Present findings & recommendations

Inbound Marketing Assessment

  • Interview marketing, sales, & operations staff
  • Review:
    1. Content (relevance, reach, frequency, shareability)
    2. SEO (onsite, offsite, trust factors)
    3. Social media (audience, engagement, influence, proof)
    4. Paid media review (budget, management platform, expertise)
    5. Landing pages / lead collection review
  • Present findings & recommendations


Scope & Deliverables

Budget-to-Revenue Marketing Plan

  • Interview marketing, sales, & finance staff
  • Analyze marketing, sales, operations, and finance data
  • Design on-strategy lead generation campaigns and programs
  • Define key assumptions (budget mix, funnel metrics, selling price)
  • Create & refine 12 month pro forma investment plan
  • Present marketing plan to client

Lead Management Process Design

  • Interview marketing, sales, finance, & operations staff
  • Design:
    1. “Life of a Lead” buyer experience
    2. Lead management process (workflow, metrics, scoring, dashboards)
    3. Pipeline forecasting (workflow, dashboards, meeting format
    4. Marketing automation / lead nurturing plan
  • Present process design to client

B2B Marketing Strategy

  • Define targets (leads, deals, revenue, cost of acquisition)
  • Create content strategy, catalog, and schedule
  • Research & recruit vendors / new hires for:
    1. SEO
    2. Social media
    3. Paid media
    4. Web development / CRM integration
  • Refine plan with marketing, sales, and finance input
  • Present plan to client, including delivery options


Scope & Deliverables

Interim Marketing Executive

  • Marketing leadership (strategy, messaging, budget, plan, process, revenue)
  • Accountability for:
    1. Lead and pipeline generation
    2. Lead quality / scoring / nurturing
    3. Forecasting tools and process
    4. Agency and staff management
    5. Successor role definition and recruitment
    6. Successor training and transition

Marketing Automation Setup & Transition

  • Lead conversion data analysis
  • Sales scenario planning
  • Process design (campaigns, scoring, integration, reporting)
  • Research and recommend vendor(s)
  • Revenue impact business case
  • Initial content creation and campaign setup
  • Admin user training & documentation

Content Services

  • Email series development
  • Webinar promotion & production
  • Infographic design
  • Audio & Video production
  • Blog posts and guest posts
  • Participation in expert networks
  • Sales lead followup training (email, phone, social)

Marketing Automation Service Contract

  • Interim management of existing M.A. platform
  • Create and maintain:
    1. HTML email templates
    2. Social media interfaces
    3. Landing page / CRM integration
    4. Lead nurturing campaigns
    5. Lead scoring rules
    6. Buyer-triggered alerts
    7. Standard and ad hoc reports
  • Manage marketing automation vendor
  • Scheduled program reviews


Scope & Deliverables


  • Develop marketing talent by solving real problems
  • Scheduled meetings with email and phone support
  • On-site or web delivery options
  • Knowledge transferred may include:
    1. How to discuss marketing with the CFO/CEO/COO
    2. How to create and present a marketing plan
    3. How to manage a portfolio of marketing programs
    4. How to prepare a business case
    5. How to work with a creative team
    6. How to work effectively with sales
    7. How to manage vendors and agencies
    8. How to grow your team with no incremental headcount
    9. How to work with what you’ve got and get great results


Scope & Deliverables

Modern Marketing Basics

  • Format: presentations to executive networks, trade associations, civic organizations, and chambers of commerce.
  • Standard and customized content
  • On-site or web delivery options
  • Sample topics:
    1. So we’ve hired a social media intern. Now what?
    2. What is inbound sales and will it work for my company?
    3. How do we sell to distracted, disengaged buyers?
    4. We’ve never had a marketing budget – how do we create one?

How to be a
Lord of the Leads

  • Format: 1-hour to 2-hour interactive presentation
  • On-site or web delivery options
  • Course outline:
    1. Know my customer
    2. Know my business
    3. Know the numbers
    4. Know the options
    5. Know the score
    6. Know my team
    7. Know the forecast


  • Assist client with webinar topic development
  • Review production & promotion schedules
  • Review webinar content
  • Research, recruit, and coordinate panelists/sponsors
  • Registration and attendance support:
    1. Creating awareness
    2. Optimize registration
    3. Pre-event attendance reminders
  • Live event moderation:
    1. Introduce topic & panel
    2. Seed questions and audience Q&A
    3. “In-event” social media conversation
  • Post-event summary report
  • Tips and template for webinar lead follow-up

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