Oct 062009
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Chris Jablonski, who works with me in Tippit Consulting, has scored his second guest post in less than a month on Craig Rosenberg’s famous Funnelholic blog.

That’s Jablonski 2, Scearce 0 for anyone (other than me) who might be keeping score. 😉

I can get over it though, because Chris writes great stuff. And the topic is important.

Remarkable content is key to successful marketing. It’s easy to gloss over it in the highly mechanized world of Marketing 2.0, where metrics seem to matter more than anything else. But the same rules apply now as did 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Any direct marketing guru will tell you that the three legs of the DM stool are:

1. List / audience
2. Offer

In my opinion, List and Offer have become easier to optimize because metrics quickly allow us to see what works and what doesn’t. Content (creative) effectiveness can also be measured but not quite as easily or quickly. And the bigger issue is that content is often more difficult to swap in and out of a campaign than its siblings, List and Offer.

So Content matters! And Chris has written a nice checklist to help make your content remarkable on the first volley.

Take a look at Chris’ checklist and his guest post on Funnelholic.

Here’s the question to you: has he missed anything? What else makes content remarkable?

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